Eyes On – Undetected

As I was looking into the Parrot Drone for the last post, I noticed this short video and thought it was something I might talk about. It’s really interesting that we’re starting to see robotics and engineering become an integral part of modern warfare. Now it seems that the best armies are not those with the strongest grunts, and aren’t the ones with the biggest guns (although that helps), but rather the ones with the nerdiest engineers.

There are rumors going around saying that drones may be a part of FRC in the next few years, and that’s got me excited to see how it may eventually trickle into FTC and possibly FLL. I don’t expect that I will be on the team when this happens, but possibly the coach of a team, which is fun for different reasons. I feel that introducing flight into the FIRST competitions is a must and could easily help influence future drone technologies. Thousands of unpaid kids would be devoting hours upon hours of thought and creation to reinvent remote controlled aircraft similar to what our own military is using overseas; this can only end well for engineering based companies.


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