On Pizza Printers

I think I’ve made it clear that I love 3-d printers, big and small, no matter what. This is still true, and it will probably always be true. Having said that, one of them is still confusing me.

This one is supposed to be used by NASA aboard the International Space Station, and its main job is to make an unappetizing-looking square pizza. What I really don’t get is how this saves space. The pizza it appears to be making doesn’t look any different than the average Lunchables kid’s pizza, and yet the machine is decent sized and would seem to take up more room than one large box of bulk Lunchables pizza. Not to mention that I’m starting to think that the cheese it extrudes won’t go down on the pizza so easily, and may instead float around like everything else seems to in zero-gravity.
It’s still a cool thought, but I think it needs more refining before it’s put in orbit.


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