Tired of 3D printing? Try 4D Printing Instead!

I watched this video assuming that it would be something kind of dumb and uninteresting, but what I found was not only real, but incredibly cool. This video describes a whole new way to think about the world, and the world of printing. Think about this – an inanimate object without moving parts that moves under its own power. Insanity? Nope, just some incredible polymers mixed in with numeric control.

His idea of a pump is one I see developing in the near future if it is at all cost effective and lasting. This could really be the next step in designing objects in harsh climates or in areas with unpredictable needs, such as space. An astronaut could use something like this to fix parts in his capsule, or even create simple tools or devices just by removing it from a sealed bag. The possibilities are widely unknown and possibly endless.


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