Building in the Robotic Age

I have noticed videos like this one while on YouTube before, but I never imagined they would be as practical as this video shows the idea could be.

In the beginning of the video, the speaker talks about how much of the world is without proper shelter. Much like what the speaker suggests, I sense that solutions like this one could be a solution to these problems. A thought popped into my own head while watching the video. Everyone has seen those pictures of 3rd world countries, where kids are standing on piles upon piles of trash; namely plastics.


Many of these plastics trap water which in turn supports the breeding of disease spreading insects. So what if a system could be devised wherein these plastics, that otherwise pollute and spread disease, could be melted down and used in the concrete mixtures that the printer uses to make the buildings? Not only would this potentially cut down on the cost of these concrete composites, but it would help to clean up, modernize, and better the health of many third world countries. I’m not sure how realistic this idea would be, but it’s an interesting concept. And in my opinion, the concept of construction described in this video is incredibly possible in areas where urbanization has already taken hold, such as Mumbai. the quality and style of the shelters may be too cold for true home building in “first world” countries, but in contrast to the slums seen on the outskirts of many major cities in less developed nations, these structures would be more than sufficient. Now, let’s not rule out western countries all together. Plenty of buildings made in the U.S. are made of concrete, in which the “homey” feature is not needed. Schools, hospitals, government and office buildings, and factory buildings could all easily be constructed with this method. I will pursue these videos more in the future to better understand alternative methods and concepts.


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