Nano technology: the new market for robots?

More and more I’m noticing that this blog is becoming a mixture of both relevant Cougarbots posts, and less relevant technology related videos. Not sure if my teacher will have the same opinion, but I personally am ok with this, as the topics are linked; plus, to be perfectly honest, both are really cool. Recently, I found this video on YouTube about nanotechnology. After watching it twice during the creation of this post, I am left to question why I watched through three minutes of guys playing with preventative boot-cleaning technology, as the interesting parts of this video don’t really show themselves until the 3:30 minute mark.

Nevertheless, starting just before the 5 minute mark in the video, some very interesting ideas are brought up about this new technology “Buckypaper”. After doing some more digging on this material, I have discovered that the ideas portrayed in the video may not be entirely possible today; nor would they be in the relatively near future. But if one were to drag these concepts out thirty years or so, then yes, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Buckypaper did find its way into these commercial applications. This brings me to a conclusion-thought that one might see in the title. Given that Buckypaper is created on a scale too many zeros behind the decimal for humans to accurately handle, I suspect that the true creators currently, are close relatives to 3-D printers and CNC machines. Therefore, if Buckypaper does prove to be the futuristic replacement for steel, then I suspect a greater use of these robots, and with it, a higher need and employment rate of robot fanatics like myself.


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