Drones Are Here to Save The Day

I’m not sure how many of my readers are also frequent DNews viewers, but I want to point out that their YouTube channel is very entertaining and strangely addicting. This video they put out about friendly drones describes how drones are being used responsibly to help save elephants from poachers in Africa. The video goes on to show how drones and other robots are being used worldwide in order to improve other problems, like cleaning up the seas, and to help in search and rescue situations. In other videos Dnews has covered the thought of using drones to deliver medicine to remote regions of the world, and to help firefighters view where wildfires are spreading to. While there are certain limitations to what these drones can do, I’m optimistic about what this means for drones as a whole. It seems to me that many people have issues with drones, which I feel are directly connected to the association of these drones with the Reaper drones in military usage. I feel that society should stop viewing drones in a negative way as they are so much more helpful than they are harmful. As this video and many others like it will show, the use of drones in peaceful applications is a much broader and more useful concept than most people know. Drones are really just tools for our use, which give us a cheap, fast, and easy way to see the world around us from a birds’ eye view. So in conclusion, I think maybe it’s time to give drones a chance to make a fresh impression.



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