The Graphene Race


Recently, I found this video by DNews which blew my mind. It talked of this wondrous material known as Graphene which was set to revolutionize the way everything works – and I do mean everything.

One of the claims about Graphene that I am most excited about is the concept that my phone would be both durable and flexible. Recently, my parents got me a new iPhone 5s as an early Christmas present. Since I’m pretty responsible with my phones and iPods, my parents allowed me to take my phone to school without a case. Two days after I got it, I was just about leaving robotics when one of my teammates asked to use it to call his mom for a ride. I’m not sure how this happened but when he went to put it on the table, it fell and cracked on the floor. The screen is almost completely shattered and is very hard to read. I’m going to have to replace it, which is going to cost me around $200.
To get back to my point about Graphene, I’d like to make it known that the phone was only dropped from table height [3 feet or so]. I personally think it’s kind of ridiculous that a phone would be so fragile. I love Apple and will always buy their mobile devices, but I can’t help but feel that having an iPhone made of Graphene would solve this.
So why don’t we see these? What’s the down side to Graphene? As it turns out a lot of it is in the production of the Graphene and who owns the legal patents to do so. There are also some issues with the substance itself. Despite it being cheap to make, it’s still not as cost effective as certain other materials. This article goes fairly in depth as to some of the issues Graphene has.

Nevertheless, I hope to be able to get my Graphene phone by the time the iPhone 15 hits stores.


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