Finding our Successors

At this last Saturday’s qualifier, George, Daniel and I were approached by our old computer-tech teacher, Mr. Cushman. Although it was a Saturday, and most of the school faculty was at home, Mr. Cushman was over on the Harding soccer field playing kickball with his league. He told us that he saw the commotion happening at the school and decided to come over and see what was going on.
He asked us how everything was going in High School and how our day was going at the qualifier, and we answered positively to all. Then he made a comment that surprised me. He mentioned that at some point, he and Mr. Busta (another computer-tech teacher at the school) were going to try and establish an FTC team at Harding.

When I was in 6th grade, Harding had an FLL team that they offered to sixth graders only. The team was somewhat successful, but we had poor mentorship and the team only lasted another two years from what I understand. Last year I contacted Mrs. Reysack, the Harding Principal, to see if we could get in touch with the Harding FLL team and help mentor them. She informed me that the Harding FLL team fell apart and that since no teachers were willing to oversee the team, they aren’t able to have one.
At the time we considered volunteering our time to run the Harding team ourselves, but with no teacher at Harding to help us out, we decided that we did not have enough man power to take on the challenge. But now, over a year later, it seems that we may have some teachers able to run the team. Even more interesting is that Mr. Cushman seems far most inclined to start an FTC team rather than an FLL team. I had not considered this last year, but I feel that having an FTC team at Harding would give incredible foundation to our teams at Kennedy. We would have a constant flow of FTC experienced students joining the teams, and some would already know how to work on RobotC.

So I made sure to tell Mr. Cushman that we would be happy to mentor the Harding team when he and Mr. Busta are able to get it up and running. It would be great to get it started up next year but based on how Mr. Cushman was talking; it may be more likely within the 5 year plan. Whatever the case, I hope to get the Harding team well established or ready to be established before I graduate next year.


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