Wants and Needs (2): The Smartwatch Affair

Last September, Samsung released its revolutionary new smartwatch and the tech world was abuzz discussing the practicality of the watch and reception the watch would receive.


Since then, Samsung’s Galaxy gear has captured the attention of tech-geeks around the world and has made a noticeable impact on the world of technology as a whole. It seems that possibly their greatest accomplishment in creating their smartwatch was proving that there was indeed a demand for such a product. But now wait a minute, is Samsung the first to create a smartwatch? Certainly not! In fact, there are already a number of different smartwatches on the market which are challenging the Galaxy gear’s “dominance” in it. I put “dominance” in quotations because, believe it or not, the Pebble smartwatch is considered by many to be the reigning champ as the best all-around smartwatch available today. Some of you may be thinking “What the heck is Pebble?”, to which I would say “good question random reader”.


The Pebble smartwatch is a relatively simple watch that can receive calls, texts, and emails and do all of the things a smartwatch should be able to do while still being relatively cheap, and comfortable to wear. The latter two perks of the pebble are not necessarily features that the Galaxy Gear has – with the base model Pebble clocking in at only $150 and the Samsung tapping out at a price of $250. Now the visual niceties of the Galaxy smartwatch may actually be enough to overcome the more bulky and $100 more expensive Samsung; but that’s not the only major difference. The Pebble is compatible with Android and iOS phones – that’s right Apple connoisseurs, you have a Smartwatch that will work with your iPhone!
If there is one flaw that detracts from this watch, it would be the fact that it does not have a touch screen. Instead the watch is operated by buttons on the side of the watch (much like a standard digital watch). However, when you factor in the fact that the pebble has thousands of free downloadable apps and watch faces – a feature the Samsung does not have – it becomes clear why the majority of technology reviewers have declared the pebble as the number one smartwatch to date.
Alright, so I’ve made my point, the Pebble is better than the Galaxy Gear; therefore I should buy it right? Wrong. Although the Pebble is an amazing watch I still feel the need to caution potential buyers: this market is just getting started. Before you commit to buying one over another, perhaps its best to wait and see what happens in the next few months, or even a year. Apple has yet to come out with their version of the smartwatch, and Samsung is constantly improving their Galaxy Gear; as for Pebble – there’s no telling what surprises we will see in the future. Its worth noting that they have already produced a “new and improved” version of their iconic Pebble watch called Pebble Steel.
This model is not a major improvement on the original and for the $100 mark up from the standard model, the original pebble is still number one on the market.
I’m providing a link to an article which goes more in-depth on all of the possibilities for purchase, however if your looking for the short answer, my advice is to wait a year. You’ll be happier in the long run.



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