Super Regional Competition Volunteering

This past weekend I volunteered down in Iowa City at Super Regionals. It was truly inspiring to see how some of the teams came together to create the robots that they did. I remember after we lost at state how bummed we were that we were not getting to compete at this event. Although I would have loved to miss the school on Thursday and Friday to come and compete, I know now that there is no way we would’ve stood a chance against the robots who dominated the field at Carver Hawkeye. So in a way, I’m glad that we did not make it past state.
Our day of volunteering was slow and uneventful as volunteering goes; the work we did at our own qualifier was more exciting and we (my teammates and I who volunteered) felt more pressure to actively assist the judges. While, in away, the lack of pressure was a nice thing, it’s also nice to feel needed. I would’ve preferred to have a more active role in helping, but given the overwhelming amount of volunteers already, this was simply not necessary.
Overall I had fun. Not because of the robots or the little amount of work that I did, but because of the interactions I had with the guys. Hanging out in the stands bullshitting with each other about the game, school, and even trying to get Thomas to ask the girl three rows down from us for her number (he chickened-out). All of it is what I love most about FTC. The laughs and conversations I’ve had during my 2 years are what I will remember most when I tell my kids about it.
I had planned on ending this post with a video of “flag guy” – a guy who for 8 minutes straight waved his team flag on the opposite side of the stadium (it was an entertaining video). However it isn’t uploading for some reason. So I’ll leave you instead with a video of the finals.


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