Planning For Next Season (4): Gum Sale

We have finally gotten around to making some progress with our fundraising ambitions as we are now preparing to sell gum after school on Thursdays. Our plan is to sell gum for the rest of the year and make as much money as possible to fulfill our goal of $10,000 by the beginning of next season. We have no misconceptions in this goal and fully understand that selling gum in our school foyer will not be nearly lucrative enough to produce $10,000 in less than two months. However, any additional cash we can produce with these sales will help us in the long run. Jon and I both have weight lifting for our 6th period class, and will likely be the ones to run the sale, while George, Chen, and Thomas have agreed to go up on the announcements on Wednesdays and Thursdays to spread the word and hopefully get people to bring extra money to buy a few packs of gum. I was surprised to find that by buying them in bulk at Sam’s club, we are actually able to sell the packs of gum at roughly what the store sells them individually (within a few cents). Obviously this gives us a competitive edge over even the average Wal-Mart since we are right there in the school. Originally we had planned on selling the gum based on the type, with different prices for each. However, to simplify the sale and to make a little extra profit, we have decided to sell all of the types for a dollar each. I will admit that I am much more optimistic about this fundraising venture than some people are. My dad, who is a CPA and is well accustomed to all things finance, has made his skepticism of the idea known to me and tells me that he thinks the profit will not be worth our time. Although I respect his opinion and I understand his point, I still feel that it’s worth our time to try it and figure out if it’s a profitable way of fundraising or not. Danny, Cheryl, and a few other members of the team are equally skeptical of the idea.
Nevertheless, we are going to try it.


2 thoughts on “Planning For Next Season (4): Gum Sale

  1. How did your gum sale work out?
    My team does “Lego night out/parent night out” and we watch kids and play legos for 3.5- 4 hours. We charge $20 a child, and we usually make $200 an event. We do these about 1 once a month, sometimes less often. Good luck fundraising.

    • That sounds like a great idea! We might try that at some point in the season to rasie some money! Our gun sale worked ok but our candy sale (far more popular) was even better. High Schoolers must be addicted to Sour Patch Kids or something because we would sell 2 24 pack boxes of those every day we sold them.

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