So…I Probably Love Kenny

Originally I had every intention of trying to relate this video back to my current AP Lang essay topic, regarding creating an artificial consciousness which could rival that of a human. However, after watching the video and considering how it related to my life, I realized that the love connection being described is not a love of lust and passion, which in many science fiction stories, has been a result of a human being duped into thinking that the robotic mind was indeed human. Instead, the love described here is incredibly similar to how I would argue I love Kenny (our robot). When Kenny breaks, it’s saddening to me, and not just because I have to then fix him (although that’s part of it). There is indeed a connection between biological mind and machine. Heck, it’s already clear that Kenny has a higher importance to everyone on my team if you merely consider the fact that “he” has a name! A mass of aluminum, steel, plastic, and rubber has captured all of our hearts.
Now the video suggests that this may be problematic in the field when considering how soldiers feel for the robots. I think that’s taking the love connection a bit too far. I love Kenny, but only so much. This is how most people would probably say they feel about inanimate objects they’ve given names to. It’s love, but to a point.


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