Candy Sale

We had a less than enthusiastic response to our gum sale last Thursday. In total we sold 20 packets of gum, giving us an $8 profit for the day. We have decided to try and sell the rest of the gum this Tuesday and Thursday to make the roughly $40 we have invested in profit.
After discussing the hopelessness of selling anywhere near enough gum to reach a meaningful profit, we decided that we should really consider selling candy instead. Not only are they roughly as profitable, but they are without a doubt more popular among high schoolers.
The consensus seems to be that we should buy Snickers, Reese’s cups, and Sour Patch Kids and sell each for a whole dollar amount (avoiding change). With any luck this will be more successful than the gum sale, and perhaps our future gum and candy sales will be better as people become more aware of them.
there has also been some discussion about creating signs to draw in the attention of people passing by. I will need to consult my teams members on this further to decide how we want to make them and if its worth the effort.


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