What’s Indiegogo?

Recently, my team has discovered that Kickstarter may be the wrong site to set up a fundraiser on. As it turns out, Indiegogo is a much more suitable match to what we’re trying to do for our team. I think it’s funny that until now, no one on our team had thought to say anything about the site, even though some had wondered if it may be better to switch. Luckily we have not set up an account at Kickstarter yet, so we should be able to set up an Indiegogo account here soon. We are having some issues working around school district policy regarding getting funds online, but I hope to be online by the end of May for sure.


I read some of this article when I was first trying to decide if Indiegogo was something we should be interested in. by the time I finished reading the article, I was surprised to find that I had been mostly convinced that Indiegogo was the better site to be on. I’m not sure how it is that I didn’t know of this site until now, but it is clearly more suited for our type of fundraising.
One question we brought up in our discussion regarding which was the better site was whether or not it would be ok to set up an account on both sites.


This would seem like a great idea; and yet no one seems to be doing it. Why? Well the short answer seems to simply be that most people are stupid, and will figure out that you have two campaigns going for your cause, thereby reducing your credibility. While I personally feel that given the low (relative) sum we are asking for that setting up two campaigns would be profitable this year, I also would be worried that we would lose credibility in future years. So I think we’ll opt for trying only one site; probably Indiegogo.


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