Robot Blogging

To me, it is understandable why not everyone has a blog. Blogs are a lot of work to keep up with. It takes a lot of time to type out everything you want to say, and if you care at all about how others see your site, then it helps to proof read what you’ve said a few times before publishing; once again, all of this takes time. Yet, for an FTC team, I still feel that it is important to have a voice about your struggles and triumphs.
When we go to competition, every team is eagerly hoping to impress a judge with their story and with their solutions; but knowing which stories to tell isn’t always obvious. Talking about your experiences on a blog can help you and your team remember all the little stuff that is easily overlooked. Blogging about your team and writing about all of the daily things that happen gives you and your team the chance to analyze, rethink, and hone in on what is important. I find my blog to be incredibly useful when I’m trying to remember more about earlier in the year and it is sometimes helpful to go back and read my old posts. More importantly, I hope that my posts can potentially help other new teams forecast problems and that they might not have seen otherwise.


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