The Green Team Bust

Recently, our team was asked by our Vice-Principal to attend a “Green Team” event in which we would be potentially winning awards for our efforts in recycling. For some reason I was very hopeful that we would be attending this with other high schoolers who were all apart of environmental clubs throughout the district and that maybe some of them had ideas on how we could improve our system. Cheryl told us that he had limited us to taking only 5 people, and since I had hoped for an informational and serious meeting, I chose some of the leaders within the teams to send (along with myself) to the event.
The day of, I began to question the seriousness of what we were doing. My first tip off was the pass that was sent to me by the Vice-Principal which referred to the event as a “celebration”. “What the hell are we celebrating” I thought. When we arrived, I quickly got up to speed on two things which made me feel ridiculous. The first was that the event was going to be outside in the hot sun (not very professional at all in my opinion) and the second was that we were some of the oldest people there. Most of the kids there were elementary aged and I personally felt very out of place. So we sat around in the hot sun, eating our crappy sack lunches, for an hour while speakers came on stage and told us in overly cheery voices why it was “so important that we continue our efforts”.
Next came the actual award ceremony. I didn’t expect to win anything honestly, but we somehow managed to win one award for $500 to the school (of which we as a team get nothing). although I understand why they wanted to give the younger kids a real “celebration” I don’t see why we had to be there. it would’ve made a lot more sense to simply notify the high school teams of any awards won through email or in some other less time consuming and childish way.
If they do that again next year, I will not be attending.


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