Our Team in Distress

Just yesterday, our coach sat us down and told us some scary and depressing news. Cheryl works in our school as a teacher for kids with special needs. Her student is graduating this year and she was hoping to get a job with in the school doing some other job (she had a position in mind, but I don’t remember what it was exactly). Apparently, through some act of bureaucratic nonsense, the position has been filled by an employee from another school (but still within the district). Perhaps this person was more qualified, or had more seniority; I don’t know. What I do know, is that this may mean that Cheryl has to seek employment outside of the school district. Our district’s policy states that only school district employees can be coaches/ student supervisors, so this would also mean that Cheryl could no longer be coach. As Cheryl told us this, she understandably became a bit emotional. I have been privy of this situation for awhile and I knew that this was a possibility, but I’m truly in a state of shock right now. Cheryl and Jerry both have been our teams’ coach and mentor for two years now. During competition season, I see more of Cheryl and Jerry than I do my own parents, so its safe to say that I’m very close with both of them. Though I don’t show it as much as Cheryl does, I am equally torn up by this.

Moving forward, I have been trying to decide what the outcome of the team will be. Without Cheryl and Jerry there to help us organize everything, our efforts to fundraise are going to be incredibly difficult. The school has been less than helpful (actually a real pain in the ass) in our efforts to set up an Indiegogo account. We need to raise money to help us buy parts for next year’s game; however we are currently just barely out of the hole with our school account. I am not sure what will happen this summer and where our team is headed but I’m deeply concerned.
I plan to post more about this when I get more information on the issue.


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