Physics Olympics: Eggstraction

Just this year, our school opened up Physics to be taken by not just seniors but by all juniors (w/o needing a teacher recommendation) and Sophomores who received a teacher recommendation to do so. Since I had taken AP Bio last year (a college level science class) I decided that I would take both Chemistry and Physics at the same time. Though Chemistry is meant to be a Sophomore level class, I maintain that I could’ve completed this class in 8th grade. Physics on the other hand is much more difficult and I find that I have to constantly rearrange the equations we are given to understand how they are used in a given word problem. Anyways, many people on the robotics team did what I did and decided to take physics this year. Six people (all of whom are more active members in robotics) are taking physics this year.
Since physics is meant to be a predominantly senior course, and since the seniors have all left the school because of graduation, our teacher has decided to forgo a traditional Final and has instead assigned us the the “Physics Olympics”. In laymen’s terms, this is just a series of fun contests to see who can make the best [blank] and win the competition.
One of the contests has captured the attention of all of the robotics members; “Eggstraction”. The contest is simple: remove an egg from the center of a 4.25meter diameter circle without entering the circle yourself. Although we are fairly certain that she had intended for people to try and use long sticks to retrieve the egg, the six of us have decided to make a robot to grab it instead. Danny and Tyler have a different teacher than Thomas, Chen, Ian, and I do, so they are making a separate robot to make things easier. Both teams have ready assembled a simple driving robot which can rush into the circle at a speedy pace (speed is a factor in winning) and could potentially grab an egg (not yet tested). We have yet to add any sort of egg-grabbing device to the robot so this will be priority number one when we work on this on Tuesday. Danny and Tyler have opted for the use of a Tele-op driven robot, which is easier to control, however will require the use of a laptop and controllers. None of the people on my team are familiar with using Tele-op (to be fair, no one is familiar with it as Danny is) so we have gone with the idea of using an Autonomous bot. This is risky when considering accuracy, but is simpler overall.
Either way, this should be a very interesting competition!


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