Starting the 2014 – 2015 season

So far this summer, a few members of our team have met and gotten some organizational issues taken care of. I’ve been emailing with Mr. Muench and we have gotten a stable meeting time set up on Wednesdays. As school is nearing, Danny and I have planned to meet on Monday and Friday of next week in addition to our regular meetings on Wednesdays. We recently had a sit-down with Mr. Kline about our team and he gave us the good news that he had just hired a new chemistry teacher that Tuesday who had expressed an interest in robotics. She will likely be our new teacher sponsor and will hopefully be willing to jump right into it here in the next few days. I’m unsure of her age but with any luck she is somewhat young and open to learning new things. I’m not sure what the school policy is on this, but the past three (or four?) weeks we have been meeting, we haven’t had an adult supervisor of any kind watching over our meeting. We haven’t used any power tools or done anything all that dangerous (we do have exacto knives and box cutters) but nevertheless I have a feeling that if a school official took a closer look into it they might not be so pleased. However, no one has told us that we aren’t allowed to meet with out an adult there, and all we are really doing at this point is organizing our tools and parts. This has been a monumental task all on it’s own, but we surprisingly made a great deal of progress after our Wednesday meeting and it won’t take much more effort to get the bulk of the parts sorted and organized.
In addition to having our new coach picked out, Barry, the shop teacher, stopped by while we were organizing to tell us that he has been connecting with Rockwell to see if we could get a few engineering grads to come and help out our team and his electric car teams. Having retired or newly graduated engineers assisting students in robotics is something that’s relatively commonplace in FLL, and I know it would help our team immensely. I’m looking forward to seeing the revealed game on September 6th and I think we’re making decent progress in this year’s pre-season.


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