Posters for the 2014-2015 Season!

This is going to be a pretty short post, but I just wanted to show off our new recruiting posters for this new season. I want to be clear to anyone reading this that I’m perfectly ok with people using our posters for recruiting! Most of the posters I make are made using “borrowed” images off of Google, which may be breaking copyright law? I’m not sure on that. Either way, here are our new posters!

poster 4.4

This poster is probably my favorite of the three. My AP Stats. teacher and my AP Physics teacher really liked this one. In fact, I’m pretty sure my AP Physics teacher stole this one from some other teacher because I don’t remember hanging this one up in his room 🙂

poster 5

Poster 5 is really just a rehash of Poster 2 from last year, but given our school colors are green and gold, I didn’t see the reasoning for having white text. Still, the FTC crown is just down-right kickass, so I had to use this poster again. And yes I know about the “CULB” typo; blame my editor.

(p.s. I have no editor)

poster 6

I made this poster kinda last minute in the hopes of attracting more girls into our program. Surprisingly, none of my girl (space) friends cared for this poster all that much, and my girlfriend said she “kinda hated it”. This was pretty disappointing to me because I really felt pretty proud of this poster. Robot-wise, it’s not super flashy and tech-y, but its a poster devoted to girls! Say what you want about it’s design (I think the color choice may have put off some people), but of the 450 posters we printed, 1/3rd were dedicated entirely to bringing girls into the field of engineering. Nevertheless, the customer is always right, so if anyone has ideas on changes we could make to this poster to make it more suitable for next year’s recruits, please leave comments below! 🙂

The files above are a little smaller than the originals so let me know if you want the full sized images and I’ll be sure to email them to you!


2 thoughts on “Posters for the 2014-2015 Season!

    • Thanks! I just use pixlr express, pixlr editor, and ms paint. I’ve always found ms paint to be better when resizing an image or cropping, pixlr express is good for fonts and tweaking the color of the entire image, and pixlr editor is great for everything else.

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