CougarBots 6121

Team 6121 The CougarBots was the first FTC team established at Kennedy High School. The team was originally composed of 11 members; many of whom were a part of FLL in elementary and middle school. With the helpful guidance of our coach, Cheryl, and mentor, Jerry, we quickly learned a lot about robotics and how to be successful in our rookie year. In the 2012-2013 season, Ring-it-Up, we were able to make it to state by winning the 2nd place Inspire Award at the Sergeant Bluffs competition. At state, we competed well but couldn’t pull off enough match wins to advance into the finals. Nevertheless, we all learned a great deal about robotics and familiarized with the other teams we met along the way.

In the 2013-2014 season, the addition of new recruits required us to split the team into two teams. Each is now composed of both old and new members, which helps create a balance between the two teams. The CougarBots, whose leadership is mostly veteran members, kept the old name and the old colors (Green and Gold) which were taken from our school’s colors. The new team, The CougarBytes, whose leadership is primarily new members, took the new name and number, and likewise chose more unconventional colors (purple, pink, red, and similar shades).
The CougarBots have continued to be successful in this season, and have already qualified for the state competition.

To see more about the robot, our team, and our community outreach projects, hover over the CougarBots 6121 tab, and select a topic!

Also, you can visit our teams site,, which will have information about both Cougar teams, and don’t forget to see us in competition on our YouTube channel


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